A million nothings to do.

Me to myself this holiday:Been single à long time, finally get used to someone’s company. Then, they go away on a trip, and then suddenly. I don’t know how to keep my own company.. That’s some bullshit! And it ends now, I’m looking at you emotions. Pretending you are cool as a cucumber yet freaking…

Reflections on Communication and God

So there is something I realised about “communication” When I wonder, why did it take God so long to do something like the coming of Christ? Why was that point in time the ideal point he came. Ofcourse I wish he came in my time. But thats partly selfishness on my part and while I…

Beauty for ashes

We are afraid to let them in Not because they will think;our scars make us ugly,but because we don’t know how to tell themOur scars:-– make us beautiful– made us beautiful– might be ugly but we are not– are part of a story that can still be beautiful– are intentional but also beautiful– made us…

Rest in God (Quarantine Update)

Been feeling low on account of all the things I feel i should be able to till do but havent that the quarantine permits. Yesterday i did a sewing p.j, today i walked about 10kms. And while all this might have been a contribution to my good mood now, I would be no where as…

Merry Christmas

Christmas was different when I was younger. It was a day to look forward to, a refuge day. Now, its just one of those things I look forward to and now that I fully understand the meaning of it, its like a super star, shining among other stars, but not being outshined or shining out…


For situations that are stagnant. Take a deep breath and make a decision to either till the land or go where you mediocre energy level can atlas churn a profit.

Feature image illustration is called “rearte” — by Yaoyao Ma Van As

Beautiful Secrets

Feature image artist unknown but greatly respected here. (Minimalist Art is dear to me)

This assortment of words is actually me inventing a future i would look forward to. Life has already damned me down to expecting a blink, standard, future. but art has said to me. Those that got you thinking like that live in a fear or reaching out of exploring the possibility of relentless love in adversity. I don’t expect rainbow everyday. and the sun isn’t so bad. but I’m fighting for colour in my life. and colour I will have.


A poem for those unwinding from acting civil when they really want to explore being openly reactive.