Reflections on Communication and God

So there is something I realised about “communication” When I wonder, why did it take God so long to do something like the coming of Christ? Why was that point in time the ideal point he came. Ofcourse I wish he came in my time. But thats partly selfishness on my part and while I do not need to know in order to believe God knows best, I love that some things he shares by way of language.

When Tim Keller explains that in Genesis 15, God told Abram to prepare the animals and slaughter them in his sermon “The Covanant Relationship”( He mentioned its how it was a practice done then between masters and their subjects. This highlights the importance of culture and human creative liberties, because, if God had just introduced a way of making a covenant and then walked the walk, with Abram not understanding the symbolism of it because he didnt have crearive liberties with the staging. He would have been riddled with 👀?? Questions and confusion..

To put in another way, if someone told you they like you and slit their own wrist to show to you that for you they would do something they would never do. it becomes psychotic. Because, Lets say its something you know people do for other reasons that don’t register to you,(thus why care) or maybe, you slit your wrists often, and it means nothing to you.. Its to you another day in life.. Then, their sacrifice means nothing. But, Let’s rise the stakes let’s say, maybe you care enough to somewhat suspect it means something to them that slit their own wrist, it won’t mean anything to you until they explain what in mean to them in a way that mirrors something you already wouldnt do either, but if they are unwilling to explain, or you make lack a symbolism to match the depth of there resolve, just wont cut deep with you and isnt enough and suddenly it not enough prove. (Communication epic fail) But its suddenly hard for you to express that it’s not cutting through to you but for the other person it feels like you wish them harm when you say its not enough yet they need to be drawn into your reality somehow to better understand your view of life and communicate thusly.

i) wrist cutting is extreme and gruesome example but I hope I make my point about not knowing how to communicate because you are failing to learn anothers language well enough to explain yourself to them. The Musoga is say, Mumuta(release him) , and the Buganda is hearing Mumuuta (kill him)

ii) Also we need to ignore (but not forget) the fear you might feel in expressing yourself to this person when they use something you do normally as something they would never do implying you are the psycho they will believe you to be atop your insistance that what they did is not enough😅 )

It hit me that:-

a) God wants up to have cultural lives built around him. But we can take creative liberties, but we ought to be sure not to cling to them religiously when they seize to be a means by which we behold Him.

b) God uses what we know to speak to us.. He doesnt impose the right way. Because meanings evolve, but when the meaning is still solid and you and who ever you deal with are insync about the meaning. Then, its easier to act using this symbolism and rest in them getting the full significance before it catchs kitsch. So the animals cut like that meant something to Abram, the cross meant something to the Jews. If they hang someone on a cross now it wouldn’t mean sinner, and since it was meant for the penalty of sin to be destroyed on the cross, it served that purpose.

c) God is in conversation with us. Hence if I concentration on the how of God in someone’s testimony, it will most likely disappoint me if I use them as a template. So the idea that God will find me wherever I chose to go and speak to me thusly in my own unique language is proof that all I need to remember in a testimony is the attitude of ones heart in recieving the Lord inorder to tap into the living water of life… Which is what we all truly desire…..

Also another sermon that highlights the importance of culture is Culture

Feature image:
Little Oil Art from Taiwan Taipei is an illustrator, designer, and director. What do you say to push the boundaries of imagination? You’re right the artist’s hands!

The magical and cosy illustrations will fascinate you.

More info:

My Interpretation: Sometimes you have to close your eyes to what you know and make time to get to know someone and have an appreciation for what they know before you can ask them what you want from them otherwise you ask them to follow blindly and worse, without a goal in mind.

Its okay to take a leap only if the leap is what you not some else desires…

Beauty for ashes

We are afraid to let them in

Not because they will think;
our scars make us ugly,
but because we don’t know how to tell them
Our scars:-
– make us beautiful
– made us beautiful
– might be ugly but we are not
– are part of a story that can still be beautiful
– are intentional but also beautiful
– made us ugly but didnt steal our ability to be beautiful
So we seek language to explain it:
—Some use art,
Others use science
Most use both—
That God knows we are beautiful,
Even when we forget
Even when they dont recognise it.


Rest in God (Quarantine Update)

Been feeling low on account of all the things I feel i should be able to till do but havent that the quarantine permits.

Yesterday i did a sewing p.j, today i walked about 10kms.

And while all this might have been a contribution to my good mood now, I would be no where as happy if I havent been listening to content that reminded me God loves and cares for me despite all my nonsense.

Hallowed be God’s name.

I say this because i cleaned rooms and washed and did some things I wanted to do before and I was so hard on myself about being a lazy bum and not doing me.. On top of that, My mum has a habit of being overly critical and barely appreciative. Its her way of loving me @#toughlove.

My siblings told me to stop being worked up over it, which the bible co signed when it cautions me on how worrying dont add a day to my life. (yeay at my wise priesty siblings @royal priesthood and people set apart)

I also want to add I was listening to faith based content at both times. But before it was all this bible laws and later it was the remainder that trobled times come but I should relax in the fact that God’s God in the hard times

I will end with an anecdote I heard in an sermon by Tim Keller called “How to find a way” at 18. 02, he shared a story he had heard.(Paraphrased here)

Jesus is hanging with his disciples and tells them to pick a stone for him and follow him. Peter picks a small stone and they walk and after some time, its lunch time, and Jesus announces to them that it is time to eat. And like that, the stones time to bread. To the proportion that the disciples chose to pick. Peter isnt feeling too good about his decision because the bread isnt enough. But thinks he has figured it out. They begin to walk again, but right before, Jesus once again tells them to pick stones for him and follow him. Peter picks a boulder and its weighting him down. His pace is even affected i think and them supper time is at hand and they happen to be by the sea. Jesus then tells them to throw the stones into the sea. They do so. Then he tells them to follow him like nothing happened. Peter breaks his silence asking what just happened and probably what this might mean for supper. And then Jesus asked him for who he was picking the stone in the first place, himself or the one who’d asked him to pick for him.

I am reminded to be honest about why i pick God. To believe in him is to understand anything can happen but Gods will is still at hand and his ways are perfect.

Merry Christmas

Christmas was different when I was younger. It was a day to look forward to, a refuge day.
Now, its just one of those things I look forward to and now that I fully understand the meaning of it, its like a super star, shining among other stars, but not being outshined or shining out others.

Image by Marie Vanderbemden

Its a complimentary day to my life
And I’m grateful God has enabled me to see each day of a thing of magic. And that time strings them all into one big melody that is my life, with highs and lows, flats and sharps,
This year, I’m amidst past deadlines and decisions that need to be made.I still rehearse composure and fail to speak when it counts(it me, which much please people) but last night, I dreamed I was told by someone I am a very likable person. In my woke, it sounds narcissistic. But until we confirm where dream conversations come from, I will say its the bit of God in my throwing me a thumbs up amidst all my bullcrap thoughts and hopelessly unideal actions. I mean i do some really good thinking, and kick ass at life once in a while, but when my life falls in the deep end of life, i dont always swim gracefully. Some days i’m too tired, or cynical, or just feeling victimised by life that I can feel myself sinking and desperately slapping at life for air, for space, for a win, as if i cant just calm down and take a breathe, as if space is something I need instead of a solution, as if I am not already winning at life whether I walk or stay.

Artist, unknown

My point is, I’m still struggling with things and I dont always win. But there is a time for everything. And this day, amidst the meaning and mythology and generally good mood people tend to be in. I am most grateful that its an opportunity to rest. I might not rest. (i love my jobs as much) But atleast its offering me as much. 😅

Merry Christmas my fellow Earthlings.
[i dont think the space aliens have access in what i might have to say today]

Musing | ‘Salt’ by Nayyirah Waheed | (i)

you broke the ocean in
half to be here.
only to meet nothing that wants you.
–– immigrant

Excerpt From: waheed, nayyirah. “salt.”

My Thoughts

Premature surrender is a broken egg you counted as hatched.

Now you wish time looked back too
So you could have a fighting chance at convincing it to go back

this secret is little but the way it makes you feel
has spiralled into worthlessness

Only God can save you now.


assimilation (n)
  1. the process of taking in and fully understanding information or ideas.

• the absorption and integration of people, ideas, or culture into a wider society or culture.


I can’t decide on whether to learn from my pain, know of it and just live with it, or flat out pretend it never existed and move on; just like I can’t tell for sure if it is tea or hot chocolate that I prefer. I know I love the rain but my hair can’t naturally compose itself if I chose to dwelled in it for too long. and I know I don’t want to play favourites so I love all colours equally. I thought I loved my dreadlocks until people told me self loathing was what drove me to them; I didn’t see how but I lost that battle to self image preservation. I would like to date someone different, but it would appear I am a creature of habit, which is to (quite oddly)say; I am uncomfortable around people who seem rigid, unchanging, well defined in stature. Because I will change and they might not like it.

All I know is moments travel miles to get here to meet me at these exact personas I receive them with,  I know that everything that lead up to this moment is as intricate as every thing that had made me me too.

Enters World; ––– I’m f**k’d, aren’t I?


Beautiful Secrets

I will always be one of those people who wonder about the unknown.
Of why the birds travel in ‘V’s and why the moon bewitched the ocean.

And today I will look at you and do the same.
I will wander about the good things you choose to do for me and say nothing about.

I like to think that apart from you praying I have a great day, and waiting in line some place out of your way, to get me the exact brand of chocolate cake I like, you also wake the sun to rise up for me; ask strangers at events to talk to me, start all those ear worms that sing the perfect songs to start a giggle in my heart when my personal well of self encouragement is down to its last drop.

Okay, fine. I know the sun rising is God’s thing, but all the same, I’m in love with how well you wear Him daily. Its in how carefully you lay your feet on the ground step after step, Its in how gracefully you employ the inches you have over me to grab , tease then help me get things I can’t naturally reach.

You’ve got me now wondering if you say nothing of your kindness, especially when I break out in self doubt, accused you of not being there. I can tell you always choose to ignore the smoky words that escape my mouth and elect to tame the unruly fire I have became, tossing left and right by landing me with a hug like a crystal clear protective glass wall, keeping out the winds of false report and exposing them for what they really are. An element outside and apart for me.

I guess with so much love openly and actively shared. there is bound to be beautiful secrets, not hidden in the dark for ransom, but refracted from my sight because of the awe I retire too, when I am distracted by the warmth radiating from you when you do the beautiful things you do – like smiling from your heart.


I don’t want to be presentable,

I want to flow like a river,
bend around rocks,
struggle to get past broken logs in my path,
try to run up banks at a bend then glide back down hill,
carry things;
pebbles, dry leaves, sticks, seeds, lost items –
abandoned and missed alike..
find them new homes.
fall down cliffs,
form misty specks of upside down rain that refract light when I explode at the bottom.
Run past forests, towns and deserts, adapt and be adapted to.
get to the ocean and just pour myself into – something larger than myself…
a library of river stories,
a place of rest.

Feature Image is “Wizard of the South” by Borjen Art.