Beautiful Secrets

Feature image artist unknown but greatly respected here. (Minimalist Art is dear to me)

This assortment of words is actually me inventing a future i would look forward to. Life has already damned me down to expecting a blink, standard, future. but art has said to me. Those that got you thinking like that live in a fear or reaching out of exploring the possibility of relentless love in adversity. I don’t expect rainbow everyday. and the sun isn’t so bad. but I’m fighting for colour in my life. and colour I will have.



A poem for those unwinding from acting civil when they really want to explore being openly reactive.

#1 Behind Shut Lids

I’m in my first high-school and suddenly, I along with someone who seems to be my workmate, Julie, see a…

​🏚House of Cards🃏

You smell like my neighbourhood. But you don’t feel like home. You’ve got the form But the details are all…

Limits are set when with define something and fail to think out of the box.