Merry Christmas

Christmas was different when I was younger. It was a day to look forward to, a refuge day. Now, its…


For situations that are stagnant. Take a deep breath and make a decision to either till the land or go where you mediocre energy level can atlas churn a profit.

Feature image illustration is called “rearte” — by Yaoyao Ma Van As

Beautiful Secrets

Feature image artist unknown but greatly respected here. (Minimalist Art is dear to me)

This assortment of words is actually me inventing a future i would look forward to. Life has already damned me down to expecting a blink, standard, future. but art has said to me. Those that got you thinking like that live in a fear or reaching out of exploring the possibility of relentless love in adversity. I don’t expect rainbow everyday. and the sun isn’t so bad. but I’m fighting for colour in my life. and colour I will have.