Hearts Know

How do you know you function okay?

Some relationships are agree to disagree: on this, lets go our separate ways.
Others are build on mutual respect and trust: I’ll do this for you and will love it even though I hate it.
Others are partnerships: today we do my thing tomorrow your thing..but you owe me 6 days worth of things.
We dont always understand how we come to love the way we love. but we know love like we know heaven. It is something good. Continue reading

On the Flip side line

You claim to know my heart,
But love is not a word you just throw around,
Its as beautiful as the contents of light,
Colours the dissolve into one.
Memories that just seem to fall in place,
Like a mother’s love for her child
But our stars just.never did align
You spoke to my soul with the language of the mind.
So yes, you have met me but you dont know me at all.